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Agorist Hosting

Great hosting is a balance of security, privacy, adaptability, performance and cost. We go beyond rubber stamp packages to personally help you determine the right server environment for you.

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With 20+ years of broad development and various industry experience, we might be able to help with your custom project. Use the contact page to get ahold of us.

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In partnership with the Beastlick Internet Policy Commission Outreach Team

Feen Phone

The Internet has lowered the cost barrier for a worldwide radio show to a price approaching zero. Yet there is one arena where you still need thousands of dollars to approach the audio quality of the corporate media: Doing a live spoken show with more than one host in different geographic locations. Our program FeenPhone will solve that problem, and it will be given away free.

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MeowBit is Free Software that allows you to effortlessly view Dot-Bit websites on Windows. Any browser. e-mail. FTP. Instant messenger. Any program.

Dot-Bit is a new top-level domain that is NOT controlled by any government or corporation.

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Art of Ross Ulbricht

Inspired by a dream, Ross Ulbricht created a game to raise funds using his artwork.

Conceptualized by Ross, and developed by Alienseed and the Ulbricht family, this site is a fundraiser for Ross' appeal.

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Market Aggregator

Near real-time commodity and bitcoin market data

Aggregates commodity, bitcoin and index quotes from multiple sources in various currencies

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Silver Calculator App (WinPhone8)

Do you have any U.S., Canadian, Mexican, or French coins? Some of those coins are up to 100% silver in weight and now sell for up to 30 U.S. dollars.

This calculator will help you convert between silver pieces, U.S. dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, Mexican pesos, and Bitcoin.

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UO Second Age

A classic, free to play Ultima Online shard

Founded in 2007, Second Age has established itself as the preeminent T2A era free shard in operation. We have a stable and diverse base of players dedicated to enriching all aspects of this online world, and a professional staff dedicated to non-interference in the game.

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UO:98 is an extension to the UO Demo released by Origin Systems in 1998 on the Ultima Online:Second Age CD. The UO Demo (demo) is an offline tutorial for Ultima Online. UO:98 unlocks many of the features that exist in the UO Demo. UO:98 also adds new features such as an accounting system, full world decoration, and support for later UO Client versions.

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UOSL Language for VS2010

A Visual Studio 2010 Language pack for the the UOSL scripting language.

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